Use Cases

ZeusRTC is a powerful automated screen capture and streaming web browser, giving you everything you need to record, capture and stream your live events on any windows or mac devices.

Ideal for video conferences, live video games, video tutorials and more.

Below are a few live examples on how ZeusRTC can be the benefit you.

Broadcasting Client Experience

ZeusRTC Live broadcasting enables you to live stream your application and screen captures to AWS Media Cloud with minimal adaptation required.
Reach your audience almost everywhere with high-quality live streaming.

24/7 Live Streaming Content Stream

ZeusRTC can also act as a 24/7 streamer service. Target your audience and stream live on every social media , including Facebook live, Twitch, Youtube, Twitter and more.

Create an archive of your platform events

ZeusRTC recording feature creates an archive for content captured by ZeusRTC recorders, enabling you to save all the content into the digital archive. Each recording can be categorized by name, date and size, allowing fast and easy access.

Receive real time alerts and notifications of unwanted behaviour within your streamed events

ZeusRTC AI and machine learning algorithms can convert live streams into usable data. Our in-house developed algorithms can analyze each stream and create real time notifications based on your criteria and needs. The stream data will be inspected and triggered by alerts regarding unwanted behavior and blacklisted keywords within your live streams, both audio and images. Such behavior can include nudity, exposure and inappropriate images, cursing and swearing, self-harm intent language diagnosis and more. Allowing you to stay hands-on on every live stream on your platform.

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